Watashi Home

Watashi Home! It is a mix of words, a Japanese word Watashi that means in Spanish “my” and another English word “home”, with the meaning of home.


The idea of the project was born in Barcelona by a cosmopolitan and multicultural couple with a business vision in mind to create value by contributing to the improvement of the society in which they live, offering products with a high added value that help to improve people’s lives.

Our value proposition goes beyond offering you products and services, but rather necessary goods that will help you improve your standard of living and that of your loved ones.


Watashi Home! It is formed by a multicultural team with a great commitment: “To make your shopping experience satisfactory”.

With this duty and attitude, we are working to improve or exceed your expectations, constantly offering you products that will give a touch of joy to your life and that of your loved ones.


We provide a wide variety of functional, convenient, necessary, colourful, and value-added products that will help you improve your standard of living.

If you are one of those who are looking for a product as a necessary good instead of a luxury, we want you to know that you are in luck because Watashi Home, is your online shop that offers you not only products, but solutions to your desires and needs.

For a better confidence, in Watashi Home, you will always find our products with their corresponding descriptions and characteristics to keep you always informed, helping you to reduce the degree of uncertainty that you may have in your purchase decision.

You are always welcome at Watashi Home! Because your opinion makes us improve, without you we are like a grain of sand immersed in the ocean.

Our biggest challenge is to guarantee you a top shopping experience, because winning a customer is better than making a simple sale.