Fast response and flexibility to customer requests

The selection of overseas suppliers often causes misunderstandings and problems due to differences in language, culture, customs, etc.

We offer a service that provides full support from quality control system inspection, trial production, mass production, pre-shipment inspection to regular verification of the quality control system in a reliable factory to achieve customer cost reduction and stable quality.

Value added

We promise added value:

  • Outsourced production of original products (OEM):
    We produce products that have already been planned and produced as our own brand.
  • Original brand development and production (ODM):
    We will bring the products planned and designed by the customer to the factory for production.
  • Product purchasing:
    We conduct price negotiations, payments, pre-shipment inspections, simple processing, and shipping arrangements on behalf of our customers.


S We are the agent you need for the expansion and growth of your business internationally.

For companies that are thinking of selling their products in Spain and Europe.

For companies that wish to cross borders for the expansion and growth of their business in Spain.