It provides us with a foot massage with an acupuncture effect.

Mostly sitting in front of the TV to listen to the news and see what is going on in the outside world or just to be entertained, when we get up from the couch, we feel like we have contracted muscles. We are also hours and hours sitting in front of a computer to interact virtually with our loved ones, remote work, or a remote class or self-taught, when we get up after so long sitting, we feel swelling because the blood does not flow properly as it should. We find it hard to fall asleep every day and there are days when we wake up with muscle pain without knowing exactly where the pain is coming from.

Due to our new sedentary lifestyle, we have found in the “STAY AT HOME”, sandals, the greatest ally, and some help to alleviate and counteract these side effects caused by the coronavirus.

It is important to know that these sandals are not curative and cannot be used to treat a disease. Therefore, it is recommended to use them only at home and gradually because due to their acupuncture effect, it is better to use them little by little until you get used to them.

The “STAY AT HOME” sandals have an acupuncture and foot massage effect. If you have a stressful day such as swollen legs from sitting too long at your desk or a muscle contraction due to a bad body position, they will help relieve your discomfort and will be like your masseuse at home giving you the following advantages:

  • Its foot-shaped design gives you at the bottom a proper stimulation every time you walk, accelerating blood circulation and eliminating swelling and tiredness in your feet.
  • Moderate stimulation that will refresh your mood.
  • Support in correcting walking posture by considering the irregularities of the soles of your feet.
  • The airy design allows you to wear it cleanly at any time.